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"Beyond the dimension" Aims to be a portal site for healing by preparing various contents that can relax the tired mind as much as possible.

* For BBS, chat, Q & A, fortune-telling, comments, inquiries, etc. on this site, the administrator has set up a program on the server without using any rental. Personal information and written contents are not saved in rental companies. Please be assured that the rental will not be suddenly canceled and you will not be able to access it, or the log will disappear and you will not be able to view it. Also, if you have a request, we will improve it, so please contact us from here.

* Would you like to make a homepage and become a brother and sister site with "Beyond the dimension" (^ O ^) /
It takes a little time to create and operate a homepage, but I think it will help to improve depression symptoms if there are people who can see your thoughts and articles that interest you. Of course, it doesn't cost anything, and if you have an environment that connects to your computer and the Internet, you can easily create a homepage similar to "Beyond the dimension". Please see this page for how to create a homepage for free. We will follow the production know-how as much as possible, so if you are interested, please contact us from here (* ^^) v

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